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The Extramilest Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

“When you are at the end of a marathon, and all your mind wants you to do is to stop, try going faster! What your legs really need is some type of change, so practicing that and mentally wrapping your head around the fact that you are not going to die if you do.” - Kelley Pucket

Jessica Dorsey, Kelley Pucket and Gwen Ostrosky are 3 badass runners with a lot of Marathon experience. Recently all three ran a Sub 3 Hour Marathon at CIM in Sacramento, with times between 2:59 and 2:54!! 

There are different ways to reach a marathon PR goal. In today's episode of The Extramilest Show, these 3 women share:

  • their training approach, details of their speedwork, long runs and cross training
  • their Sub 3 Hour marathon race strategies and execution
  • how they overcame though spots in training and in their rac
  • advice for athletes looking to run a Sub 3 Hour marathon, Boston Qualifier or Marathon PR. 



  • Jessica’s running background [1:50]
  • How Jessica increased her training volume from 25 miles to 58 miles per week [2:25]
  • How Kelley overcame a foot fracture  [4:30]
  • The 3 quality workouts that Kelley focused on her Sub 3 Hour Marathon: tempo, speedwork and long run. [6:00]
  • Gwen’s running background with 25 marathons and how she overcame her marathon running plateau to improve [8:00]
  • Why Gwen gave herself permission to fail in training workouts and how this changed her mindset about training [10:20]
  • Examples of Jessica’s longer workouts [12:00]
  • Jessica’s 1/2 marathon PR of 1:23 in this training cycle [14:00]
  • Jessica’s speedwork was at a slower pace than she had done in previous training cycles [14:50]
  • Kelley explaining to find what works best for you personally to become a faster runner, what excites you [16:05]
  • Kelley’s cross training in the form of boxing 2 to 3 times a week [17:00]
  • Kelley’s treadmill speed workouts [17:20]
  • Mixing up your speed during workouts [18:40]
  • The importance of having fun during your workouts [19:25]
  • How Gwen slowed down her weekly speed workouts a bit for faster recovery [20:10]
  • Gwen’s long runs to train her body and mind [21:15]
  • Jessica’s honest answer about her “not good” approach to nutrition and sugar, and what she feels can be improved [23:30]
  • Kelley vegetarian approach to nutrition [26:10]
  • Kelley often trains without taking in any calories, even on 20 milers [27:00]
  • Gwen’s changed cold turkey into a stricter nutritional approach, cutting out some sugars [28:20]
  • How Gwen prepares the routine of race day, so there are no surprises [29:32]
  • Jessica’s race day strategy and execution [30:40]
  • Jessica’s nutritional schedule for race day [33:30]
  • Kelley’s race day strategy and execution, importance of holding back on the uphills [34:20]
  • Why Kelley stops and drinks at aid stations vs running through them fast [36:18]
  • The mindset Kelley has at the last part of her race [37:05]
  • Gwen’s strategy to run the first 1/2 marathon in 1:30 to reach her Sub 3 Goal [38:15]
  • How Gwen’s last 6 miles / 10 km went on race day, during though miles [42:00]
  • How Jessica gets through tough spots at the end of a marathon [46:20]
  • Kelley’s approach to break races up in smaller sections, easier on the mind to be present [51:10]
  • What would Kelley do differently for her next marathon training and race day? [53:25] 
  • The three things Gwen would do differently for her next Sub 3 Hour Marathon [55:00] 
  • What Jessica would change for her next training cycle and race [56:40]
  • Jessica’s Olympic Qualifying Goal of Sub 2:45 and what it will take to get there [58:00]
  • Upcoming race goals for Gwen, Kelley and Jessica [59:58]
  • What did their taper looked like before the CIM Marathon [1:02:40]
  • Tips and recommendations to run a Sub 3 Hour Marathon and Boston Qualifier [1:05:57]