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The Extramilest Podcast

Jun 13, 2019

Calvin Sambrook (56) has learned a lot over the past 7 years of marathon running. He had to be rescued from the course on his first marathon attempt. His 2nd marathon finish time was in 5 hours 15 minutes, for 12 marathons he was stuck around 4 hours 30 minutes. Then he changed his training and his overall running and race times improved massively. Last year he ran a PB of 3:15 at the London Marathon and he has his eyes set on several PB goals. 
Calvin is joined by his son, elite runner and coach Josh (23). His recent podcast had a lot of great feedback and more than 30k downloads and views already. Josh is a 2:28 marathoner and he coached his father on this running journey. He shares great insights about Calvin’s improvements and both of them also recommendations for other athletes looking to improve.
Thanks for all the contributors with great questions from the Extramilest Facebook Group: Brian Ballard, Marc Copeland, Andy Sullivan. Rishi Sareen, Brandon Rose, Vincent Cheah, Nicolas Garcia, Malcolm Forbes, Dave Lee, Prashant Fadnavis, Dan Aupperlee, Johan Sandgren, Stu ThreeOne, Lucas Abeledo Vilariño, Kevin Dunne, Saeed Khan, Blair Margot, Dave Mckay, Johan Sandgren, Rishi Sareen, Darren Rutgers, Morgan Pettersson.


Show notes:

  • Calvin’s background in running and his first experience with marathon running [3:30]
  • How Calvin trained (or not trained) for his first marathon with one 5km park run a week [5:54]
  • How run commuting changed his marathon performance changed significantly [6:58]
  • The weekly Park Runs [13:40]
  • Calvin’s thoughts on training volume and pace [15:05]
  • How Calvin limits his risk of injury and recovers fast [16:55]
  • The way Calvin uses a heart rate monitor for this training [18:45]
  • Some of the things that have gone wrong in races, collapsing and waking up in the medical tent [20:00] 
  • Calvin’s pacing and HR strategy for a marathons [23:15] 
  • Heat training Calvin did as part of a study about weather impact on performance [25:50]
  • Josh shares his caution about heat training in hot weather area [28:25]
  • Their opinion to training some runs at marathon pace[29:40]
  • How Calvin goes about running at effort level [32:40]
  • Strength training through teaching courses at circus [32:28]
  • Recovery tools, tightening muscles and time constraints [36:30]
  • How Josh coaches his dad [39:03]
  • Marathon race time prediction for Calvin [41:00]
  • The Tanda Marathon Race Predictor [44:10]
  • Calvin’s 2019 races and what’s coming up next [48:10]
  • Josh’s thoughts on Calvin’s training and racing opportunities [51:10]   
  • Calvin’s approach to nutrition [54:35]
  • Calvin doesn’t drink any water in an entire marathon, he explains why [57:05]
  • How Calvin consciously has to calm him down a few hours before a race [1:01:40]
  • Josh shares opportunities with volume, consistency and nutrition  [1:03:10]
  • Suggestions for runners looking to improve in their running and become stronger, healthier and happier athletes [1:05:30]

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