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The Extramilest Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

This podcast is also available as full video here on YouTube.

Danny Dreyer, the co-founder of Chi Running and Chi Walking. It is a revolutionary form of movement and a blend of T’ai Chi and running or walking. 
Danny has coached hundreds of thousands of runners in:
  • energy efficiency
  • injury-prevention
  • intelligent movement 
He is a really good runner himself and has successfully completed 43 ultra-marathons with podium finishes in 40 of these ultras.  
I can highly recommend his books Chi Running, Chi Walking and Chi Marathon
In our conversation Danny shares many great insights that you can apply directly to your own training, racing and life. 
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What was your favorite quote or takeaway from this episode? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Have fun out there on your runs.
Without further due, please enjoy my conversation with Danny Dreyer.
  • Danny’s background as a runner started with ultra running, unlike most other runners. [3:20]
  • In 1999 Danny launched the ChiRunning method, how it all started [6:00]
  • Applying the principles from Tai Chi to running and what all changes in his running [7:00]
  • Improving is often get rid of what slows you down. [12:10]
  • What is Chi running and what are the benefits [13:30]
  • Why almost all running injuries happen from the knee down and what you can do about it  [15:05]
  • The type of improvements that Danny has seen from athletes starting to apply Chi Running principles, running more efficiently and with less impact [17:55]
  • How and why kids can run beautiful with a natural running form [20:10]
  • The differences between sprinting and endurance running and why different rules applies [23:30]
  • Best breathing approach for endurance running and how to breath correctly [24:15]
  • Belly breathing vs chest breathing and nose breathing vs mouth breathing [31:50]
  • Body sensing is a very important skill to learn, how to go about this [34:30]
  • The integration of the metronome and cadence with Chi Running [37:05]
  • Ideal cadence 170 to 180 for most runners and what you can do to optimize your cadence [37:30]
  • How to run in your ideal cadence and how to avoid your heart rate going up [43:30]
  • Optimal footwear for runners, you want to wear the least amount of shoe you can safely run in, given how you run (technique) and how many miles you run [44:20]
  • Thoughts on strength / mobility / flexibility to maintain and fix the body to function as it should [49:20]
  • How a clean running technique can improve and strengthen your muscles [52:00]
  • The Chi Running Instructor Training Program [52:55]
  • How the views on running form from Runners World and other runner media outlets has changed over the years [56:30]
  • The Chi Running School online class [58:40]
  • The 3 books Danny wrote, Chi Running, Chi Walking, Chi Marathon [1:01:30]
  • How Floris implements the principles of relaxed running at the later stages of a race [1:02:30]
  • Importance of incremental wise improvements, make increases well within your capabilities [1:03:20]