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The Extramilest Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

"People train too hard on their easy days and not hard enough on their hard days."

Taren Gesell aka Triathlon Taren (IG | YouTube) started out playing baseball, skateboarding and Curling competitively. After finding Triathlon at University he went on to become an All-World Ironman triathlete, IRONMAN U Certified Coach and ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition.

In this interview, Triathlon Taren gives us an honest and entertaining account of his beginnings, having an apparently typical Curler’s lifestyle, through the trials which led him to compete in sprint, Olympic and half-Ironman races and to help many amateur triathletes with healthy lifestyle and triathlon training tips.

We discuss MAF heart rate training for triathletes, power meters for running and cycling, a periodized training approach, low-ish carb nutritional approach and much more.

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Hope you enjoy this conversation with Triathlon Taren!

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Show notes:

  • From No-Triathlon Taren to Triathlon Taren! [5:15]
  • First race experience [7:50]
  • The road to improvement, training with more intent [9:36]
  • Polarized training method / Taren’s three lives of training [11:50]
  • Right heart rate training zones for Triathletes [14:50]
  • Integrating low heart rate training with swimming [18:30]
  • Switching to a Periodized training approach [20:25]
  • Slowing down – a big blow to the ego? [24:35]
  • Managing overall level of physical stress [27:10]
  • Taren on Dr Dan Plews and heart rate variability [28:30]
  • Use of tools [31:35]
  • Impact of sleep and other factors on heart rate variability [32:55]
  • Power meters for running as an additional source of data [35:10]
  • Measuring performance data as a guide to workouts [37:40]
  • Nutritional approach / carbs and fat: source and appropriation [38:45]
  • Commonalities is training mistakes [43:40]
  • Team Trainiac [44:30]
  • Dividing time / doing fewer things, but the right things [48:10]
  • Journal as a tool [50:05]
  • Running Foundations.. works in the pipeline [52:00]
  • Train at a lower heart rate – chill out and you’ll have a much better time [53:30]

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