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The Extramilest Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

Watch this conversation on YouTube here.

Nate Helming (Strava) is a founder of The Run Experience, one of the largest YouTube running channels and online running coaching programs.

In this show, we discuss running injuries, mobility, flexibility and strength training. We dive into topics like stretching, foam rolling and running form. Nate has a tremendous amount of knowledge in these areas and his passion for passing this on to others is evident in his words and works!

We also talk about:

  • being your own advocate in training.
  • mechanical deficiencies in the body. 
  • recovery tools and tips.
  • and many other interesting points of reference.

Links and tools mentioned:

Show notes:

  • Growth of The Run Experience and Nate’s running background, including the Boston Marathon as his first as a young student. [5:28]
  • The perils of a basic running plan printed from the internet. Nate was playing a “high wire act” with his running where after 6-8 weeks, things can start to catch up with you, from a basis of poor habits and poor strength. [16:52]
  • Nate talks about his development in Triathlon and Ironman, where his running background helped him. However, he now had a coach and niggling injury! This led Nate into the Strength & Conditioning world; where his perspective on what an endurance athlete is, was revised. [19:54]
  • On training, mindset, habits and the hand-me-down knowledge that goes from generation to generation. Nate got into coaching through trying to help friends with injuries. He talks about the tools which can help with mechanical deficiencies, working by trial and error, challenging the range of movement. [26:30]
  • Going from one:one, to one:many, seeing individual responses and patterns of behavior. Nate was tapped out, working 6-8 hours per day and building programs but loved the work. He then started to think about people who couldn’t afford the classes or had practical issues getting to them. With his co-founder, Craig, they began to make some videos and start the YouTube channel and The Run Experience. [36:04]
  • On running form issues and ways to improve. Two types of injuries i) sudden and unexpected ii) overuse injury. Being your own advocate. [42:52]
  • The role of coaching, to go beyond just running and to have some focus on habits, strength and mobility. Advising coaches to not be afraid to set a higher bar for athletes. In building a team, find people with areas of expertise, rather than trying to be expert on everything yourself. We can’t train like it’s 1950 or 1910, the world has changed. [47:12]
  • Boys in the Boat: a David and Goliath story. Coaching lessons, from a book about the 1936 Olympic US rowing team. [49:25]
  • On feet: the long end of the kinetic whip. Over-striding, heel-striking. Running form and atheletic foundation; breathing, arm swing, head position. [51:53]
  • On stretching: not about lengthening muscle, but to be a strong, healthy human I need to be able hit certain positions. [54:52]
  • For your recovery tool-box. Use the best tools you have available to you. [58:39]
  • Tips for foam roller use. Rolling directions: not just “north-south”, but also “east-west”. It’s a game of Seek & Destroy. [01:01:40]
  • More details about The Run Experience app and where you can find Nate online (also see Links above) [01:05:22]
  • Tips for those looking to become stronger, healthier and happier athletes. [01:06:31]

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