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The Extramilest Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

Tawnee is a holistic health and endurance sports coach, mother, multi-sport athlete, writer and speaker. She has a master’s degree in exercise science, a bachelor’s in journalism, is a certified sports nutritionist (CISSN-ISSN) and certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS-NSCA). 

Tawnee faced her share of health struggles behind the scenes. For 10 years, she experienced disordered eating and exercise addiction.

We discuss her personal journey and what she has noticed in other athletes that she works with. These are important challenges to talk about for both women and men.  

We also discuss:

  • healing and recovery
  • gut health
  • intermittent fasting, ketosis
  • blood tests, DNA and lifestyle analysis

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Tawnee!




  • Welcome to the show Tawnee [03:01]
  • Tawnee’s running journey. An eating disorder and exercise addiction were pivotal in Tawnee’s journey from power, to endurance sport. [04:44]
  • how triathlon helped and hurt Tawnee. Do we have an honest relationship with sport, or do we have some unhealthy habits? [07:36]
  • recovery journey. Dr. Phil Maffetone. Back to school. [14:03]
  • disordered eating [18:16]
  • blood, DNA and lifestyle analysis. Biological and Internal age. [24:10]
  • intermittent fasting. Gut health. nutritional deficiencies. [27:39]
  • change in approach – from “no pain no gain”, to the present. [35:23]
  • Endurance Planet podcast takeaways. Focus on the process. Support system. [41:23]
  • Van life. Running and mindset. [45:13]
  • Meditation retreat ~ Oryoki (mindful eating) [49:21]
  • No phone! What about taking pics? [56:14]
  • Heroes and mentors [01:00:15]
  • Further information about Tawnee and Endurance Planet, online. (see Links above also) [01:03:17]
  • Closing thoughts on becoming a healthier, happier and stronger athlete. [01:09:48]
  • Tawnee asks Floris how his running is going. [01:10:43]
  • Short workouts. Fitting it in whatever the season! [01:11:50]


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