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The Extramilest Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

Kilian Jornet is the greatest mountain and ultra runner of all time. We discuss how runners of all levels can improve in training and racing. This applies to trail, ultra, mountain and road running. 

Full YouTube interview:


  • 0:00 Intro Kilian Jornet
  • 3:28 How Kilian trains to prep for races
  • 5:45 Two a day workouts
  • 6:58 How Kilian measures training intensity
  • 10:15 Intensity zones after cardiac drift
  • 13:13 Mistakes many runners make with training intensity
  • 18:15 How Kilian tracks his training, with volume, terrain and intensity
  • 20:18 Altitude training, with lower blood oxygen levels
  • 22:25 Training different adaptations
  • 24:13 Product development in wearables
  • 27:09 How Kilian journals every workout
  • 29:55 Advise to other runners to improve their journaling
  • 32:40 How Kilian goes about training his mind for discomfort
  • 37:42 Find what motivates you to perform the best
  • 39:30 Training adaptations for altitude
  • 42:07 Sleeping and training in altitude tent?
  • 43:15 Heat training
  • 44:25 Any Aha moments in Kilian’s training journey?
  • 47:15 How is Kilian able to combine training, parenting and working?
  • 50:01 How Kilian brings his kids on outdoor adventures
  • 51:02 Kilian’s books
  • 52:14 Training for the Uphill Athlete book
  • 53:48 Advise to runners to improve their training and racing

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