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The Extramilest Podcast

Jul 24, 2023

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provides insights to help you quantify stress, better balance training and lifestyle, and improve performance.


Marco Altini (PhD, MSc) has 50 publications+ and a few patents at the intersection between technology, health, and performance. He is the founder of HRV4Training (Heart Rate Variability), an app I use daily. He is also a data science advisor at Oura; a wearable ring and app to optimize how you sleep, workout and recover. He is also a strong non-elite runner!


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00:00 HRV to handle load better

01:08 Sponsor: PATH projects and LMNT

2:34 Explaining Heart Rate Variability

6:30 How to measure HRV

16:06 Improving HRV

22:51 Sleep

23:37 Marco integrating HRV data into his own training

27:56 Breath work and breathing

36:04 HRV: guided versus dictated

41:24 Examples from Floris’ training

46:43 Tapering for events

51:08 Positive stress and the limitations of data

52:01 Developments in non-invasive wearables

54:58 Find out more about Marco

56:46 Closing thoughts



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Dr. Stephen Seiler on 80/20 Training | Extramilest Show #50 -



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