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The Extramilest Podcast

Jul 30, 2023

Kyle Whalum, is a non-elite ultra runner and bass player for Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and The Voice. We discuss MAF low heart rate training, quitting alcohol, meditation and mental health.

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0:00 How to enjoy your running practice

3:00 Sponsor LMNT

4:35 How Kyle got into meditation out of necessity

13:40 How to get into consistent meditation

18:30 How meditation can improve your running

21:20 MAF training experiences and learnings

26:50 Why and how Kyle stopped drinking alcohol

28:20 Advice for first 6 months of MAF training

31:10 Kyle’s first MAF training breakthrough with Kyle 

34:00 Base building and high intensity running

35:21 Advice to start with MAF running

37:00 Lifestyle changes, taking a look under the hood

38:05 How combine working late, dad mode and running?

43:12 Floris shares his skateboard tour experiences

45:17 Night shift workers and sleep approach

48:50 Sacrifices to reach big goals

53:35 Cutting out alcohol, setting up support system

57:28 Poster Floris office, My Life In Weeks

1:01:40 Having fun besides drinking alcohol

1:06:55 Advice for athletes looking to improve

1:08:46 Closing thoughts Floris

1:09:44 How to run and be present

1:11:35 Personal Best Program Community



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