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The Extramilest Podcast

Sep 28, 2018

Dr. Phil Maffetone has written over 20 books and 200 articles on the topics of endurance training, racing, nutrition, health and fitness. He has made a huge impact on me, my family and my friends.

In today's follow up interview, we dive deep into contradicting views in nutrition, healthy vs unhealthy meats, ketosis, intermittent fasting, experimenting with nutrition during training and how to overcome frustrations with low HR training, best type of interval training and much more. 

Show notes

• Improvements after training with a Heart Rate Monitor [3:30] • More awareness about health, but more unhealthy people than ever, huge disconnect [4:58] • Why so many people are addicted to sugars without realizing it and what you can do about this [10:45] • Why weening off Junk Food does not work. [14:12] • How the 2-week Test can help identify Carbohydrate Intolerance [14:12] • Dr. Maffetone's thoughts about the strong need for specific nutrients that come from animals [15.55] • Chicken is the worse meat you can eat but highest selling [18:33] • Healthy meat vs unhealthy meat [19:25] • Listening to your body, to how you really feel [22.45] • Dr. Maffetone's thoughts on ketosis and fasting [24.48] • Training your fat burning abilities [33.20] • Importance of experimenting with nutrition during training for race day [34:50] • Benefits of low heart training [42:20] • Why many athletes struggle with low heart rate training and what to do about this [46:00] • The social component of running apps like Strava [48.30] • How to create your own training schedule with self health management [50:15] • The type of speedwork and intervals Maffetone likes [54:25] • Importance of having fun during training and racing [58:10] • Listening to your body instead of to music [1:00:03] • Setting aside time to be disconnected and think [1:01:00] • Becoming aware of different types of stress and ways to lower your stress [1:03:20] • Dr. Maffetone's books about Training, Racing, Health and Fitness [1:06:40] • Improvements with MAF and marathon times by Floris [1:11:30]

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