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The Extramilest Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Ash Lewis, 37 from Jersey UK, has an incredibly inspiring story to share about overcoming challenges. 
At age 28 he had a staph infection that resulted in being paralyzed from his waist down. This spinal injury resulted that he was in a wheelchair and had to completely learn how to walk again. 
Fast forward 9 years and Ash just completed his 2nd marathon in 3 hours and 7 minutes. 
We discuss Ash’s running journey, his experiences with MAF low heart rate training and great advice to those experiencing challenges in training, racing and life. 



  • Background Ash as an athlete, playing soccer (3:40)
  • At age 28, paralyzed from his waist down (6:55) 
  • Recovery journey to learn how to walk again (10:40)
  • Mindset Ash had during his recovery (14:20)
  • Floris shares his story when a doctor said in 2008 he would never run another marathon again (15:57)
  • April 2020, Ash’s painful first 5k (16:45) 
  • Michael Ovens guiding Ash to slow down his running intensity (18:30) 
  • How Ash used Maffetone’s 180 formula to calculate his MAF hr training zone (19:50)
  • Overcoming frustrations and challenges walking and running slow at MAF (21:00)
  • What made Ash stick to low heart rate training, although it was challenging first (23:20)
  • Adding some speedwork and getting ready for race day (24:20)
  • Important lesson for those starting with MAF training (26:00)
  • Second marathon experience for Ash, finishing strong (28:00) 
  • Post race blues Ash experienced (33:35)    
  • Running on purpose without a heart rate monitor (35:25)
  • Sub 3 goal at the London Marathon + ultras (38:00)
  • Strength and conditioning session to complement his running (41:52)
  • From tattoo world to excitement for the running world (44:30)
  • Learning to run with a baby stroller (46:00)
  • Any other thoughts for runners looking to improve your runner (47:00)
  • Social platforms Ash is active on (48:45)
  • Ash asked Floris if you can keep improving + future running goals (48:52)