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The Extramilest Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

Mike Ko, aka Kofuzi (IG | YouTube) is in his own words “a non-elite road runner who vlogs about marathons, half marathons and being a non-elite”. He is a father of two young kids, based in Chicago.

Kofuzi shares his journey with MAF low heart rate training, the world of vlogging, some of his favorite training and racing tools, as well as family life and adjustments made around the current Coronavirus.

When he started with MAF training, he initially had to slow down from a 7:30 min / mile (so 4:39 min / km) on his regular runs to a 11:00 to 11:30 min / mile (7:08 min/km) at MAF. Yet over time he has been able to shave several minutes per mile at the same HR.
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All show notes from this episode can be found at
I apologize for some parts of this interview with poor audio & video, unfortunately Zoom and Skype experienced some glitches that seems more common these days, but we made it work.
Hope you enjoy my conversation with Kofuzi!




  • Kofuzi’s background / bringing up the rear / pole vault [3:40]
  • Couch to marathon! done that, thanks and… stop [6:30]
  • Getting back into running [10:35]
  • Changing-up training / new marathon goals [13:50]
  • Training on Nike Team / endurance vs speed work [16:25]
  • Jeffrey Silver, Dr. Phil Maffetone [18:40]
  • First 100 miles of low HR training [19:50]
  • Optical HR monitor vs chest HR strap [22:15]
  • The motivation to keep trying / new goals [23:40]
  • Progress in low HR training [25:30]
  • To the present [28:00]
  • MAF formula [31:45]
  • Sleep and stress as factors to training and running [33:00]
  • Training volume [34:25]
  • More on sleep - as a recovery tool [36:15]
  • Making it all happen – parenting, training, creating content [41:10]
  • Current context of Coronavirus [44:05]
  • Running tools (watch, heart rate monitor) [47:10]
  • HR training in relation to physical and weather conditions [50:55]
  • Needing the bathroom [52:10]
  • Training adjustments relating to cancelled events [54:15]
  • Ways to boost immune system in current health climate [57:40]
  • Run more! Base building [59:50]

What was your favorite quote or takeaway from this episode? I would love to hear from you in the comments on YouTube.