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The Extramilest Podcast

Sep 16, 2017

Dr. Phil Maffetone is a researcher and author in the field of nutrition, exercise, sports medicine, and biofeedback. He has written over 20 books including my favorite one The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.

In this video Dr. Phil Maffetone and I discuss the fundamentals of his approach to training, nutrition and recovery.

We also dive into very specific subjects, like learning how to listen to different signals from your body, why many doctors and the media recommend food that’s not good for you and how incredibly important rest and sleep is for a healthy athlete. I learned a lot of new things in this podcast and I hope you will as well, enjoy!

Podcast notes • Improvements after training with a Heart Rate Monitor [3:30] • Why the 180 formula is preferred over the Lactate Threshold test [7:25] • Adjusting your MAF training HR based on current fitness and health [10:52] • Benefits of walking to build your aerobic system [13:48] • Floris Gierman’s progress after training with HRM [15:55] • The importance of listening to your body [18:08] • Why many people feel the need to do intervals and speedwork [19:00] • Training aerobically only and run a PR [21:08] • Everyone’s training schedule is very individual [22:48] • Why Dr. Phil Maffetone prefers time over miles [25:00] • Avoiding processed cards and refined sugars [28:06] • Bad recommendations from doctors and the media [31:55] • Eating real food [34:50] • Making your body and brain work together [37:25] • The Five Minute Break [43:45] • The importance of sleep for recovery [46:00] • Dr. Phil Maffetone’s own daily routine [49:00] • The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing [52:35] • Articles on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s website [55:45]

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