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The Extramilest Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

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Ryan Hall is the fastest American to run a marathon in 2:04:58 and half marathon in 59:43. After retiring from pro running, Ryan took up weightlifting & running coaching.
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  • 0:00 Intro Ryan Hall
  • 2:59 Finding running as a kid
  • 6:27 Running coaching
  • 7:22 Ryan's own training
  • 11:37 Strength training for runners
  • 18:45 Nutrition and strength for runners
  • 22:02 Consistency, avoiding injury
  • 23:50 Mobility for running
  • 26:12 Run Free training program
  • 33:43 The carbon-plated running shoe
  • 35:22 Grand Canyon running
  • 39:45 Love the pain cave
  • 41:47 Relaxation and running
  • 42:41 The pitfalls of comparison with others
  • 43:49 Natural body weight
  • 47:24 Family connections, cross-training
  • 48:30 Failure, spiritual journey
  • 54:30 Ryan’s book: Run the Mile You're In
  • 59:05 Find Ryan here + Hall Steps Foundation.
  • 1:02:18 Paying attention to your passions
  • 1:03:52 Outro


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Ryan Hall is the fastest American to run a marathon, in 2:04:58 (in 2011) and half marathon, in 59:43 (2007). That’s a half marathon pace of 4:33 min / mile or 2:50 min / km. This interview took place in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he lives with his wife; professional American distance runner Sarah Hall, and their four children. After retiring from professional running in 2016, Ryan took up weightlifting and significantly increased in size, from 58G / 127lbs to (at time of recording) 85KG / 187lbs. He runs his own running coaching program and coaches recreational to elite runners.




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