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The Extramilest Podcast

Dec 27, 2018

Welcome to the Extramilest Podcast where I interview the brightest minds in health, fitness and endurance sports. We talk about a variety of topics, including one of my favorites, how to become a stronger, healthier and happier athlete. 

Today’s podcast guest is Pete Kostelnick, an ultra endurance runner with an impressive track record. He runs more than anyone I know. Recently he completed a 5400 miles run from Alaska to Florida in 97 days, averaging 55 miles / 88 km a day, that’s more than 2 marathons a day!!!

He also has the Guinness World Record of fastest coast to coast run across the US, from SF to NYC in 42 days.  He has won many ultra races, including the current Course Record of one of the toughest running races, the Badwater 135

In today’s conversation we cover a variety of topics, around training, racing, injury prevention, nutrition and motivation. I think a lot of athletes will find this episode educational, not just for ultra running, but also for shorter distances like the 1/2 marathon and marathon.

Show notes and all links can be found on my website Question of the day, what was one of your key takeaways from this conversation? Please let me know in the comments!


  • Details of Pete’s 5400 mile run from run from Alaska to Florida [2:32]
  • The difference between Pete’s supported Run Across America in 2016 and this self supported run in 2018 [7:34]
  • The food that Pete would bring in his stroller along the way [11:21]
  • “If you’re looking for lettuce around here, that’s like trying to find cigarettes in a prison” [13:47]
  • Supplements Pete took on his adventure run [14:11]
  • How Pete trained for his longest run to date and how he prevents injuries [16:17]
  • Pete’s base training weeks of 150 to 200 miles [18:32]
  • Breaking 10k miles in one year on Strava [19:42]
  • Pete’s thoughts on stretching and warming up easy for first 2 miles [21:07]
  • Pete has run a lot of PR’s training only slow easy runs, to move efficient [23:55]
  • How Pete broke the Sub 3 Hour marathon and ended up running a 2:41 marathon [25:17]
  • How Pete motivates himself during training day in day out [29:37]
  • How Floris measures his running progress on a monthly basis [31:27]
  • The highlights of Pete’s trip from Alaska to Florida [34:17]
  • Some of the people Pete met on his run [39:02]
  • How Pete ended his 97 day running adventure and celebrated [41:23]
  • The transition from running 5400 miles to taking a break from running [44:01]
  • Pete’s lower points and tough spots on his K2K run[45:32]
  • How he overcame low points [47:12]
  • What would some of the toughest people I know do in this situation [50:48]
  • Getting used to running with a stroller [53:12]
  • Why Pete runs extreme long distances [56:07]
  • Pete’s past struggle with Anemia, low iron levels [59:55]
  • What’s next for Pete [1:03:15]
  • How runners can accomplish more than they think they are capable of [1:06:19]
  • Parting advice by Pete for all the runners out there [1:09:26]


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