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The Extramilest Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

Jeffrey Silvers (Strava) is a 54 year old runner from Toronto, Canada.  For several years he has had the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He ran his first marathon in 2013 in 4 hours and 12 minutes. Over the years he improved, but he also experienced several serious medical challenges that set him back in his training and racing. 

He started implementing low heart rate training and increased his training volume, which helped improve his running. We take a deep dive into his training and racing and how he was able to run 2 Boston qualifying times in the past 6 weeks, I just saw him in Chicago last weekend running another PB. 

Jeffrey is part of my Marathon PR Training Program. This is an online training program for athletes who are ready to take their training and racing to the next level. It is a great international group of runners from all levels looking to improve, first time marathon to BQ or Sub 3. More information about this program can be found at

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Jeffrey Silvers!

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  • Jeffrey’s background in running [3:00]
  • His first marathon in 4 hours 12 minutes in Chicago in 2013 [5:20]
  • How Jeffrey ended in an ambulance in the hospital with a hemorrhagic stroke [6:10]
  • He didn’t run all in 2014, started running again in 2015 [8:00]
  • Importance of hydration and keeping electrolytes up [9:10]
  • Fall 2016 two weeks before the Chicago Marathon, he experienced another seizure and needed another surgery [10:00]
  • What his doctors mentioned to Jeffrey about marathon running [13:00]
  • How Jeffrey continued his running journey in 2017 to run the New York Marathon [15:15]
  • Cleveland Marathon 2018 in 3 hours 51 minutes [17:20]
  • What Jeffrey’s training used to look like before discovering MAF training [18:08]
  • Next Chicago Marathon 2018 in 3 hours 37 minutes [19:40] 
  • Rich Roll’s book finding ultra that mentioned low heart rate [21:00]
  • His first experience with low heart rate training leading, first MAF test 6:10 min / km (9:55 min / mile) [23:00]
  • First MAF test May 29th to June 29th improved well [24:00]
  • Did not run any speedwork or tempo over the summer [27:00]
  • How he ran the Erie Marathon (September 2019) in 3 hours 26 minutes, a 9 minute PR [28:00]
  • Things Jeffrey learned from his 2 training approaches [30:30]
  • Higher training volume helped improve his running times [35:10]
  • Importance of step back weeks [36:45]
  • So much more enjoyment during his workouts with low heart rate training [38:00]
  • How Jeffrey uses the Elevate for Strava app in his training  [40:30]
  • Floris’s thoughts on Elevate for Strava [43:50]
  • How Jeffrey dealt with initial challenges with low HR training [47:00]
  • Flo’s thoughts on mindset challenges with low HR training  [50:05]
  • Jeffrey’s plant based approach to nutrition [53:40]
  • Race day nutrition for Jeffrey [56:45]
  • His race day strategy to qualify for Boston [1:05:00]
  • How Jeffrey recovers and limits the risk of injury [1:09:45]
  • Recommendations for other runners looking to improve their running [1:13:15]
  • Floris’s thoughts about gradual improvements over time [1:19:50]