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The Extramilest Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

This podcast is also available as full video here on YouTube.

Jeroen-Pieter van der Vliet (Strava) has gone through a fascinating transformation from working and eating at McDonald's while being overweight (110kg / 242 lbs) to running 4 Sub 3 hour marathons. His last marathon was a 2:51 in Berlin. 

This journey took many years and his first runs were short and slow. He shares his inspiring journey and lessons learned along the way. 

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What was your favorite quote or takeaway from this episode? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Have fun out there on your runs.
Without further due, please enjoy my conversation with Jeroen-Pieter van der Vliet.



  • JP’s background working at MacDonald and not working out [4:00] 
  • How JP lost a lot of weight and improved his athletic performance [5:15]
  • JP has ran many 5k and 10k races before getting into the half marathon and full marathon distances [5:50]
  • His first marathon experience in Amsterdam [6:56]
  • In 2016 JP ran 40 races of various distances [10:10]
  • JP’s bad race experience in the Madrid marathon [13:20]
  • JP’s first experience with MAF low heart rate training [15:20]
  • JP had to speed up instead of slow down to get to his MAF training zone [16:50]
  • Floris’s thoughts on the MAF formula for athletes with a lower or higher max HR [18:60]
  • How much higher HR workouts JP does as part of his marathon training [21:20]
  • The type of higher intensity speedwork JP does [22:33]
  • Integrating some 30k races at marathon pace to prep for the main race [26:30]
  • Differences of how JP was able to improve further, even from a 2:57 down to a 2:51 over several races [29:00]
  • JP’s thoughts on strength, mobility and flexibility [33:20]
  • The nutrition, hydration and supplements that work well for JP post workout [35:20]
  • JP’s race strategies based on pace and goal time [37:20]
  • How JP overcomes tough spots in training and racing [40:00]
  • Berlin marathon gear with Altra zero drop shoes [42:30]
  • JP’s race day nutritional strategy and timing with Sis Go gels and caffeine [44:30]
  • How JP was able to lose weight and how this impacted his performance [48:30]
  • JP’s post race recovery strategy to continue training again [49:50]
  • Upcoming race goals for Jeroen Pieter in the coming years [51:50]
  • Recommendations for athletes looking to improve their running training and racing [59:10]
  • JP’s 80 / 20 approach to nutrition [1:01:30]