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The Extramilest Podcast

Oct 16, 2020

“If you think something’s impossible, just know that you could well be wrong and so it’s best just to assume that you can just keep getting better." - Matt Fitzgerald.

Matt Fitzgerald is an author, coach, nutritionist and athlete. Fascinated by elite performance and mindset, Matt draws parallels between elite and recreational running, in everything from dealing with injury to going after big goals.

Matt draws on his time with professional runners at the HOKA NAZ Elite Summer run camp, in Flagstaff, Arizona, among other experiences, with wit and wisdom.

Here we have a wonderful insight into elite running, ways of coaching and the evolution of 80/20 running (80% low & 20% moderate to high intensity). Also, how recreational runners can improve way beyond their own expectations, as Matt has.

In our conversation, Matt shares his experiences and thoughts on:

  • developing the professional “no-stone-unturned mentality”.
  • training intensities, perceived effort and measuring performance.
  • building a business without money being the primary motivating factor.
  • accepting injury as part of the process and finding alternative workouts in recovery.
  • his published and upcoming books.
  • setting a high bar for your goals.


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