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The Extramilest Podcast

Sep 9, 2022

This is my 2nd interview with Kilian Jornet, the greatest mountain and ultra runner of all time. We discuss ways for athletes to improve in training & racing, recovery, nutrition and  UTMB 2022.
Full YouTube interview: 
Kilian Jornet Extramilest Show #52 UTMB and Training Advice


  • 0:00 Start
  • 3:42 Recovery from UTMB
  • 5:42 Kilian’s thoughts on recovery tools
  • 7:10 Sleep and rest
  • 8:32 Does Kilian work with a physical therapist or chiropractor?
  • 9:41 UTMB - how Kilian felt going into race day
  • 14:10 Does Kilian still experience race day nerves?
  • 17:21 Kilian’s UTMB race strategy
  • 19:50 UTMB heart rate data Kilian
  • 21:15 Running the first 60km with Jim Walmsley
  • 22:30 Kilian’s HR going too high, letting Jim go
  • 25:45 How Kilian reset mentally from negative to fighting 
  • 26:35 Details of Kilian’s winning UTMB move
  • 29:25 Blood testing Kilian UTMB, with lactate, glucose and cholesterol  
  • 32:00 Kilian’s nutrition & hydration strategy for ultras 
  • 35:30 Thoughts on fasted running
  • 37:20 Body adaptations change during the season
  • 39:15 Kilian’s background with anxiety and stress
  • 42:35 How Kilian used to deal with anxiety
  • 45:20 Kilian’s approach to strength training, mobility and cross training
  • 46:56 Advice to non elite runners for strength training
  • 49:06 How has Kilian grows from failure?
  • 52:18 How to balance low intensity training and high intensity
  • 54:48 Why Kilian avoids zone 5 training
  • 55:23 Advice for athletes to enjoy trail & ultra running
  • 57:35 Parting thoughts
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