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The Extramilest Podcast

Nov 18, 2023

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Jennifer Kellett absolutely crushes the age group divisions. For example, she ran a half marathon in 1:37:31 and broke the Australian 65-69 age category record and at the time was only 2 seconds off the World Record. It wasn't until her early 60s that she made running her primary sport. Jennifer is a member of our Personal Best Running Coaching Program, more info at 


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  • 00:00 Intro (Jennifer)
  • 00:27 Intro (Floris)
  • 02:50 Welcome Jennifer!
  • 04:17 Running smarter not harder.
  • 08:18 Going beyond limits, the perception of an age barrier.
  • 11:38 From higher intensity to slowing down in training.
  • 13:10 MAF training “guard rails”, max heart rate and running by feel.
  • 15:53 Advice for people starting out with heart rate training.
  • 17:29 Training in the heat (Australia)
  • 18:40 Recovery strategy for a short turnaround of events, plus breaking records!
  • 21:36 Starting running at different ages.
  • 23:28 Don’t chase the squirrel! Letting go of ego and improving self-awareness.
  • 27:17 Jennifer’s 2023 Chicago Marathon experience.
  • 33:14 Raceday doesn’t always go to plan. Eating on the move? Take your blender!
  • 35:29 Jennifer’s training routine, being an intuitive runner and avoiding injury.
  • 41:07 Looking towards the Comrades Marathon.
  • 43:29 Advice for people looking to go further distances. 
  • 46:09 Closing thoughts; training load and strength training as we get older.
  • 52:08 Outro.








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