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The Extramilest Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

Zach Bitter recently set the new 100-mile (161km) running World Record in 11 hours and 19 minutes. He averaged 6:48 min / mile = 4:13 min / km and beat the previous world record by 9 minutes! That's about four sub 3 hour marathons in a row!! ⁣He then continued running another 4.88 miles to run the 12 hours World Record as well. 
In the past 10 years he ran more than 50,000 miles = 80,467km. Using performance as his compass, he learned a lot over the years of what works well for him. 
He is an absolute fat burning machine and I was thrilled to interview Zach for The Extramilest Show. We take a deep dive into heart rate training, nutrition, mindsets and much more. 
Find out more about Zach Bitter here: 

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Show notes:

  • Brief background as a runner [3:42]
  • His first ultra running experience [7:02]
  • How Zach first got into HR training and how he integrates it in his training [9:22]
  • How to figure out your correct heart rate training zone, more specific than the 180 formula alone.  [11:02]
  • How Zach trains for his different races [16:07]
  • Zach’s preparing specifically for this World Record run [21:22]
  • Importance of positive mindsets during races [26:22]
  • Looking at HR vs looking at pace [27:32]
  • How does Zach overcome though spots in training and racing [29:22]
  • Benefit of Zach training in a lot of heat in Arizona [35:22]
  • His race hydration and nutritional approach on race day [36:52]
  • Running 4 sub 3 hour marathons back to back [41:22]
  • Zach’s approach with high fat, low carb, ketosis and carb intake [42:22]
  • How do you find the minimum dose of carbs to perform well? [46:00]
  • How would Zach change his nutritional approach if he would race at higher intensity [50:10]
  • How Zach limits his injuries risks [54:20]
  • Improving tight calves [1:00:10]  
  • The importance of consistency and the right training approach [1:01:50] 
  • Shoes Zach’s runs in are Altra running shoe [1:04:20]
  • Running watch, Zach uses the COROS Apex [1:06:05]
  • Zach’s coaching calls for problem solving [1:09:47] 
  • About the Human Performance Outliers podcast Zach co-hosts [1:10:52]

You can find me, Floris Gierman here: